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First Time Home Buyers 87801

Here’s help for first-time home buyers in the 87801-zip code area of Socorro, NM, and surrounding towns like San Antonio. The New Mexico Mortgage Finance Authority, or MFA, is the state-run FIRSTHome program that coordinates eligibility for new buyers of homes. They require no purchase within 3 years, a minimum 620 credit score, and a max income of $73k.

They coordinate your access to FHA and conventional loans, as well as VA and USDA loans, all of which have additional requirements. They also require a counseling program that educates first-time buyers on all the ins and outs of home ownership, including long-term responsibility. If you’re on the fence about buying and reading this right now, remember this: no risk = no reward.

Homeownership is a commitment to rising above the short-term convenience of temporary housing to enjoy the financial benefits of building asset wealth through equity. There’s no doubt it’s a great option, provided you’re ready and have proper guidance. Once you’re clear about the ones that work best, I can guide you through the entire process. Plus, you can sell for a profit down the road.

The 87801 zip code area offers a sparse suburban lifestyle with affordable housing and the cost of living in safe neighborhoods. It’s voted one of the best places to retire by Niche.com, but it’s also popular with young professionals and families. It’s a great place to take your first step. Plus, home values are trending upward over time, which means home values are stable and appreciating. Call today to learn more.

  • First-time home buyers in 87801 can get expert guidance from a local real estate professional.